Book Meetings Directly in Exchange from Meeting Room Screens


Boost your efficiency, engage your audience, and manage your workspace with digital meeting room signs. Digital signage allows you to take control of room and resource scheduling at your organization by helping people find available meeting rooms more quickly, book meetings on the fly, and update meeting information right on digital meeting room screens.


Interactive Door Signs: Book Meetings Directly on the Screen 

Digital signs provide an at-a-glance view of a meeting room’s availability. Using the touchscreen, you can book, start, end, or cancel meetings right on the meeting room sign.

Our digital signage software for meeting room screens also prevents no-shows. Meetings are automatically canceled if the host does not confirm the start of the meeting on the meeting room sign. This frees up the meeting room for others to use.


Informational Door Signs

Deliver important information or branding messages via informational meeting room signs. You can use informational meeting room signs to display alerts and notifications or meeting room schedules to inform and guide visitors and employees alike. Informational meeting room signs save you from having to print paper signage.


Meeting Schedule Overview for Your Entire Facility

Our Meeting Directory allows you to display a complete overview of current and future meetings scheduled at your facility. This schedule overview can be displayed in your reception area or common area, so you can view all current and upcoming meeting schedules in one place. This allows staff and visitors to stay informed and gives them access to up-to-date meeting schedules.


Customizable Digital Signage Templates

Our digital signage software includes templates with various layouts that you can customize to fit your company’s visual identity. You can dress up the template with your logo, colors, and branding, or even work with the Add-On Products team to do the customizations for you. 


Hardware Agnostic Digital Signage 

At Add-On Products, we offer both hardware and software for digital signage. Nevertheless, our digital signage software is hardware agnostic, so it is compatible with iPad, Android, and Windows hardware. Our customers are free to work with their vendor and devices of choice.


Compatible with Microsoft Exchange On-Premises and Exchange Online (Office365)

Integrate our digital signage with your existing calendaring system. With Digital Sign Service, you can book meetings directly in Exchange On-Premises or Exchange Online from your meeting room signs. When you book meetings in Exchange or Outlook, the meetings are always updated and visible across all your digital meeting room signs. 

Digital meeting room signs offer an efficient and centralized form of meeting room management. By showing meeting schedules and messages outside of shared workspaces, you can keep people informed and maximize the use of your workspace. For more information about door signs and digital signage software from Add-On Products, contact us today for a free trial.



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Sunday, 23 February 2020