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Book Meetings Anytime, Anywhere with a Meeting Booking App

Book Meetings Anytime, Anywhere with a Meeting Booking App

Book your next meeting in just a few taps with a meeting booking app. Instead of opening Microsoft Outlook® to check your schedule and book a meeting, you can grab your mobile device to search for available meeting rooms and book a meeting quickly and easily.

The use of mobile devices in today’s companies is growing exponentially, accompanied by the rise of the mobile workforce. Never before have so many workers been able to untether from their desks and work from home, on the road, or elsewhere. According to social contact manager Gist, 32% of employees globally now rely on more than one mobile device in a typical workday.

How Meeting Booking Apps Come In Handy

It’s inconvenient to sit down and open up your laptop when you’re out and about and want to set up a meeting fast. If you need to book a meeting room but you’re away from the office, a meeting booking app can come in handy. Even if you’re ‘just’away from your desk / laptop – perhaps still in the meeting room and want to coordinate and book a follow up meeting when all participants are there.

Meeting booking apps enable employees to use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to manage meeting rooms on the go. The app connects to your organization’s meeting room booking software, so staff members who are away from the office and don’t have access to a computer can book meeting rooms in the system as needed. For example, sales staff can quickly check their colleagues’ availability and book meetings via mobile devices while on the road. A meeting booking application gives you an overview of available meeting rooms and allows you to book a room or resource with the tap of your finger.

What a Mobile Meeting Booking App Can Do

A mobile meeting booking solution allows you to schedule meetings and manage your bookings anytime, anywhere. With a mobile meeting booking app, you can complete the following tasks:

  • • Search for available meeting rooms filtered by location or category
  • • Select from a list of favorite or commonly used meeting rooms
  • • View details about meeting rooms, such as audiovisual equipment, and room capacity
  • • View attendees’ availability and send them meeting invites
  • • Schedule meetings and attach files
  • • Get a customized calendar view (day, week, or month) and edit your appointments

Mobile apps are designed for easy access and quick use. Changing meeting schedules or booking details is simple with a mobile app at your disposal. Some web apps will even automatically choose a view that fits your device.

Save Time, Boost Efficiency

A mobile meeting room booking solution increases your employees’ mobility, improves efficiency, and saves time. Gone are the days of roaming the building to look for an empty meeting room or having to log into a computer in order to check attendee availability and book an appropriate meeting room. With a meeting room booking app, meeting room information and schedules are right at your fingertips.

Using a mobile app is the fastest way to determine which meeting rooms are available, see what amenities they have, and book a room. Not only does a meeting room booking app free up your staff, it also improves your meeting room booking software’s Return-on-Investment (ROI) by further streamlining the meeting room booking process and empowering your increasingly mobile workforce.

Support for Many Types of Mobile Devices

If you choose a web app in HTML, you’ll get a meeting booking app which will work on most browsers and devices

It’s ideal to work with an app that’s compatible with all mobile devices. Otherwise, employees who use incompatible mobile operating systems will be excluded from using the app. This is especially the case with the Bring Your Own Device wave, which is also known as BOYD. An increasing number of employees bring their own devices to work which makes it difficult to keep the number of different devices at a minimum.

A meeting booking app designed for many different types of devices will also keep your costs down as you only need to maintain one app.

Schedule Meetings with a Mobile Device

Add-On Products’ web app for Resource Central allows you to search for available meeting rooms, view meeting room information, and schedule meetings in less than 2 minutes via smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The web app works independently of browser, device, and Outlook®. The web app also allows you to view and edit your appointments in three customizable time-line views.

With the web app, you can book a meeting in four easy steps:

1. Enter meeting details
2. Choose day and time
3. Invite attendees
4. Select a meeting room

The web app is a feature of Resource Central, Add-On Products’ complete meeting room and resource scheduling solution for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Not only does the web app allow you to book meetings, it also gives you a day/week/month view of your calendar. Contact Add-On Products today to request a free demo of our anytime, anywhere meeting booking app for Resource Central.

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