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Best Practices for Virtual Meetings


Boost Productivity and Save Time and Money with Virtual Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable part of work, no matter what industry you’re in. For companies that have multiple locations across the country or around the world, or whose employees frequently travel on business, it can be challenging and costly to have meetings in person.

Videoconferencing software makes it possible to meet without the limitations of time and space. You can meet with dispersed teams for a variety of purposes, including sales presentations, training, and status update meetings.

Thanks to videoconferencing technology, you no longer have to worry about driving across the city or hopping on a plane to meet with colleagues in other locations. What’s more, you can record meetings and allow others to view the recordings after the fact if they aren’t able to attend. Videoconferencing enables you to meet with more teammates, customers, and clients than ever before.


Talk with Your Team Anytime, Anywhere

With videoconferencing, you can make decisions, deliver information, and complete projects more quickly. You don’t need to reschedule or delay meetings because someone is not in the office or unable to attend. Videoconferencing also supports flexible working arrangements and telecommuting, which in turn boosts productivity and engagement.

Virtual meetings help businesses reduce costs and save time because they eliminate wasted travel and commute time. As long as you have access to Internet, multimedia equipment, and videoconferencing software, you can join virtual meetings and talk to people just about anytime, anywhere. You could even have meetings outside of peak office hours.


Improve Communication

According to the 7-38-55 rule of communication, 55% of communication is delivered through body language, 38% through voice, and 7% by words. When communication takes place through audio calls, emails, and text messages, people are unable to see each other’s facial expressions, body language, and eye movement.

Videoconferencing allows employees to have meetings that are virtually face-to-face. This leads to smoother communication. Meetings that lack a visual component tend to result in misunderstandings because attendees are unable to read each other’s body language.


Best Practices for Having Virtual Meetings

Starting with the Agenda

Whether you’re having a meeting in person or virtually, it’s important to start the meeting with an agenda. The agenda should outline who is leading the meeting, what topics will be covered, what the goals of the meeting are, etc. Make the meeting interactive in nature to prevent people from getting distracted by their smartphones or emails. You could engage participants by having them contribute to a shared doc, creating a mind map together, or giving each person a role to fulfill during the meeting.


Update Since Last Meeting

You might also want to incorporate a tradition into your virtual meetings, such as starting the meeting by asking each participant to give an update on their mood in one word or asking them to mention one success and one failure that occurred since the last meeting.


Engaging All Attendees

You could also end the meeting by creating action items based on your discussion and assigning attendees to be responsible for each action item. Equipping meeting rooms with a smart board or large screen is important if you plan to have virtual meetings in your office with remote attendees. A large screen would allow all of the attendees to see each other as well as facilitate screen sharing. 


More Than a Nice to Have in the Modern Workplace

Virtual meetings are no longer a 'nice to have.' They have become a necessity in today’s modern, digitalized workplace. Upgrade your office with meeting and resource booking software that is compatible with videoconferencing systems.

Resource Central is a meeting room booking system for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that integrates with videoconferencing systems like Skype for Business and WebEx Teams, so you can easily find meeting rooms, book virtual meetings, and invite attendees across multiple locations. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo today!

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