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Benefits of Using a Resource Scheduling Tool to Book Meetings

Benefits of Using a Resource Scheduling Tool to Book Meetings

Employees often spend too much time trying to book workspaces and the resources they need to hold meetings and get their jobs done. Every minute they spend booking a meeting is time and money lost, which impacts a company’s bottom line.

The efficiency of your organization’s meeting room management has a direct effect on your company’s overall performance and financial standing. Resource scheduling software allows you to manage rooms, visitors, videoconferences, and extra services for meetings, all in one place.

Resource scheduling software is important because it optimizes the use of available space at your facility, including meeting rooms and conference rooms. Using this software also facilitates collaboration by empowering your employees to easily schedule meetings with their colleagues and get more value out of each workday.


Understand How Space Is Used and Maximize Meeting Room Usage

Resource booking software can be used to generate resource utilization reports, which help you understand how space is used and determine whether it is being maximized or not. Reports provide managers with deep insight into booking trends and behavior, so they can plan and manage real estate and resources more effectively.

Through reviewing these reports, you might determine that certain rooms are under-utilized and that you could cut down on office space. Having access to resource utilization reports ensures that managers can make informed decisions based on actual utilization data.


Avoid Common Meeting Booking Issues

Some common issues employees face in relation to booking meetings include the following:

• Double bookings
• No-shows
• Overbooking resources
• Manual errors

Resource scheduling software is designed to resolve the aforementioned issues. It provides advanced tools that streamline operations and enhance communications between different departments. You can view all available workspace at a glance, so scheduling the right type of workspace when you need it is easy. You can view detailed information about each meeting room, including photos, size, and amenities. 


Automatically Notify Service Providers of Order Requests

Resource scheduling software goes beyond just booking rooms. In addition to finding and booking a suitable meeting room and then inviting attendees, you can use resource scheduling software to order extra services, such as catering and audiovisual equipment. When you book an extra service with the software, the service provider automatically receives a service request, so you don’t have to place an order for the service separately.


Welcome Visitors

Resource scheduling tools with a visitor management module give receptionists at your organization the ability to warmly welcome meeting and conference attendees and other kinds of visitors. Receptionists can print visitor badges and notify hosts about their guests’ arrival with just the click of a mouse. This saves receptionists time and makes their job easier, so they can focus on more crucial tasks and provide friendly, personalized service that makes a positive impression on visitors. 

Add-On Products offers Resource Central, an easy-to-use resource scheduling tool that integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. With Resource Central, you can standardize meeting room and resource booking in one place to simplify workspace and resource management. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Resource Central today!

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