Add-On Products at UK Resource Management Event

Add-On Products at UK Resource Management Event

I’m currently in Microsoft’s HQ in Reading, where I’ve been present at a half day event on how to support and benefit from flexible working trends through Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. It has been great seeing such a high interest for how meeting room and resource scheduling software and digital signs can support flexible working strategies.

Our customer Genesis Housing’s presentation on how Resource Central was instrumental in implementing their flexible working strategy was fantastic. It’s always great to learn how companies put our solutions into use in order to achieve their financial goals. I also enjoyed Microsoft’s Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin’s inspirational thoughts on the future work place.


Support Agile Working Trends through Outlook®

There was a great interest for how to support and benefit from flexible working

The topic for the event was how to benefit from flexible working with tools such as Resource Central with integration to Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange / Office 365. Judging by the turnout, the topic seemed to be spot on in terms of what companies are currently focusing on.

By adding features to Outlook®, companies can support agile working trends, optimize office space usage and reduce real-estate expenses. This is especially relevant for companies in cities where the rent is quite a significant expense on the budget. Meanwhile, more and more companies support flexible working with their staff working around the clock, around the globe. Why not harvest the benefits of this through Outlook®?

hands-on experience meeting room signage software

The participants had the opportunity to try Digital Sign Service, which is interactive meeting room signage software optimizing meeting room usage

At the event, the participants also had the chance to get hands-on experience with Digital Sign Service – our interactive meeting room signage software. The ability to book, extend and end meetings directly on the touch screen outside the meeting ensures optimal office space usage. A little tip if you weren’t at the event: You can download Digital Sign Service on Google Play or iTunes and try it on your tablet.


See you at the next event?

Keep an eye on our web page, Twitter or LinkedIn where we’ll keep you posted on up-coming events.

Couldn’t make the event? Please send an email to [email protected], if you would like to know more on how to benefit from flexible working through the use of meeting room management and digital signage.

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