Add-On Products at TechEd North America

Add-On Products at TechEd North America

What a great show TechEd North America has been so far this year. After two days, it’s at least as busy as we’ve experienced the previous years. It is indeed good to meet and greet both long time customers and soon to become customers.

If you’re at TechEd, you can find us at booth 1841

Talking to end-users provides a unique chance to first hand learn about today’s demands and tomorrow’s wishes. We value this opportunity highly.

Many organizations seem to have special requests for their internal procedures when scheduling their daily meetings. However, once you start to talk in depth about the concrete needs, it becomes very clear that 99% can manage their daily challenges by implementing a standard system like Resource Central.

Our meeting room software, Digital Sign Service, has been well received with its independence of hardware and OS. Since it is also inexpensive, we expect a high focus on this product in the following months.

We’d like to thank all visitors so far. We would also like to invite all guests who, due to bad putting skills, didn’t get at T-shirt to revisit us and have another go at our putting lane! We still have lots of T-shirts to give away. It’s always nice to take a break from work and spend some time on the course! Hoping to see you all over the next couple of days at booth 1841.

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