Come See Add-On Products at Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, GA

Come See Add-On Products at Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, GA

Add-On Products is excited to be a part of the Microsoft Ignite 2016 technology conference from September 26-30, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Full Microsoft Ignite conferences are now sold out. This unprecedented, game-changing event will bring together experts in Microsoft’s enterprise solutions while giving you a glimpse into what Microsoft is up to and what is to come. Everyone’s fired up!

Hot topics at Microsoft Ignite 2016 this year will include cloud infrastructure and management, productivity, and big data. Add-On Products will be at booth #2365. We’ll be one of 296 companies participating in the event. We’re looking forward to sharing the productivity benefits of Add-On Products’ solutions with Ignite 2016 participants. We’re going to have a golf putting competition at our booth, and we’re giving away t-shirts, 8GB USB sticks, and tote bags. Needless to say, it’s going to be a lot of fun! 

Our North American VP Matt Seon and Wayne Simpson, from the reseller Fleximation Systems, Inc., will be staffing the booth for the whole week. Our team will be there to answer any and every question you have about our add-on software for Microsoft Exchange & Outlook®. Please come and see us. Below are the solutions we offer, which enhance Microsoft’s products and provide added functionality that improves the way you work every day:  


Resource Central 

Our meeting & resource scheduling software Resource Central allows you to quickly find meeting rooms, book meetings, invite attendees, order extra services like catering, and book hot desks, all via the familiar Outlook interface. Resource Central can also be used as a visitor management system, as it allows you to print name badges and send email notifications to staff when visitors arrive. Additionally, Resource Central generates reports to keep track of meeting room and resource usage.  


Exchange Central 

Exchange Central is an Outlook team calendar that provides a user-friendly overview of multiple Outlook® calendars. It improves collaboration and communication between employees and different departments. 


WebTeam Central 

WebTeam Central provides the same features as Exchange Central, except it’s web-based. WebTeam Central allows you to keep track of and update your schedule as well as communicate with colleagues anytime, anywhere. 


Mailbox Central 

Mailbox Central is email signature software that enables you to centrally manage company email signatures with customizable templates. You can create standardized email signatures for the whole company both quickly and effectively. 


Digital Sign Service

Digital Sign Service is digital signage software for meeting and conference room signs. The software is used to display meeting and event schedules. With touchscreens, you can book, cancel or extend meetings directly on the signs. 



Ariadne is digital signage software that can be used for wayfinding, welcoming visitors, displaying advertising, and enhancing your brand. Ariadne’s dynamic displays capture your audience’s attention and create a strong impression. 

Want to see our products for yourself? Come chat with us at our booth at Microsoft Ignite 2016! Our team looks forward to sharing everything that our solutions can do for you. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your “A” game to the putting green.  


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