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Add Extra Features to Your Current IT System with Outlook® Add-Ons

Add Extra Features to Your Current IT System with Outlook<sup><sup>®</sup></sup> Add-Ons

Microsoft Outlook® is a popular email and calendaring solution, but it has its limitations. A Microsoft Outlook® add-on adds new features to Outlook® or modifies its existing functionality, streamlining tasks and saving users time.

It’s advantageous to use add-ons that lend extra functionality to a familiar environment like Outlook® rather than buy new software to replace Outlook®. Little training is required since users are already familiar with Outlook®. It is also easier for an IT department to provide users with support since they already have experience with Outlook®. Furthermore, add-ons are more likely to achieve effective user adoption since users are already comfortable with Outlook® and don’t have to get accustomed to a new program.

Add-ons, also known as add-ins, plug-ins, or extensions, are small pieces of software that add new features or functionality to a primary program. An add-on is essentially a program that runs within, and augments, another program. Add-ons can augment software with new or updated features that increase productivity. A third-party or the open-source community develops most add-ons, which are created individually for specific programs. Add-ons require limited memory and tend to have a highly specific function that enhances a certain area of a software program. They are installed separately but cannot run on their own.

Meet Your Organization’s Evolving Needs

You can add features to Microsoft Outlook® with an Outlook® add-on

As your company’s needs evolve and times change, you will require increasingly sophisticated software to assist you in completing everyday tasks. Rather than having to start from scratch again and invest in a completely new IT system, you can increase the capabilities of your current system with add-ons. An add-on complements the basic functionality offered by a software program.

There is little point in investing in new software with many features you don’t even need. An alternative is to mix and match different add-ons to ensure that you’re only getting the added features you require. Moreover, add-ons save you time because they allow you to continue working within the same system. You’re not obligated to learn how to use a new system or work in multiple programs to perform specific tasks.

What Outlook® Add-Ons Are Available?

You can for instance use an outlook® add-on to get an overview of multiple calendars as well as planning tools

Outlook® is an amazing tool, but it lacks certain features, particularly when it comes to team collaboration and meeting scheduling. There are many excellent add-ons available for Outlook®. If there’s a task you can’t perform in Outlook®, there’s a good chance an add-on exists that will get the job done.

  • Meeting room booking: A meeting room booking add-on makes it possible to book meetings and order additional resources as an extension of Outlook®’s calendar. A meeting room booking solution allows you to get a quick overview of available meeting rooms, find a suitable room, book meetings, and order extra services in just a couple of minutes.
  • Group calendar: A group calendar add-on for Outlook® allows you to share your Outlook® calendar with others in a seamless manner. Users can access their colleagues’ calendars and obtain an overview of their schedules. Planning tools, such as a drag-and-drop function, allow them to assign tasks to team members and schedule meetings.
  • Email signature software: Email signature software for Outlook® creates a standardized, company-wide email signature for your company. This allows you to leverage emails as a branding and marketing tool. You can change your email signatures on a regular basis to highlight different products or marketing campaigns.

Supercharge Microsoft Outlook® with Add-Ons from Add-On Products

Add-On Products offers a complete range of add-on solutions that integrate with Microsoft Outlook®, including meeting room booking software, a group calendar, web-based group calendar, and email signature software. Contact us for more information about our add-ons for Outlook®.

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