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Add Customizable Nutritional Information to Your Catering Menus in Resource Central


In both the EU and the United States, menu labeling requirements have become more stringent in recent years. Menu labeling has gone beyond just being required for in-store menus and now also applies to in-house catering programs that serve companies. For catering service providers to comply with such legislation, it’s helpful to have access to resource booking software that allows for the entry and customization of nutritional information.

Ordering food and refreshments for meetings used to be a chore for office staff. The kitchen staff servicing those orders also had to deal with manual, time-consuming processes. Resource Central resource booking software from Add-On Products provides corporate kitchens and cafeterias with tools that allow them to streamline and better manage their workflow. Resource Central also simplifies the process of ordering catering services, so staff members can quickly and easily order meals and refreshments when they book their meetings and events.

Kitchen staff can determine at a glance what orders they need to service. Staff that require catering can easily place orders from their devices. They can also cancel or modify their orders with ease. Kitchen staff is notified automatically of any cancelations or changes, so orders aren’t accidentally fulfilled when they are no longer needed.   


Complying with Food Labeling Legislation for Consumers  

In addition to these important benefits, Resource Central helps caterers comply with federal menu labeling regulations. Catering staff have the ability to add custom nutritional information to each menu item. Some vital nutritional info that catering companies may display include the following:

  • Total calories
  • Total fat
  • Trans fat
  • Saturated fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium
  • Total carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Sugars
  • Protein


It’s also very important for organizations to prominently display information about allergens in their menu items. Some common allergens include soy, nuts, gluten, and lactose. Menu items can also be labeled according to medical, religious, and other dietary requirements. For example, foods can be labeled as Vegetarian, Kosher, Non-Lactose, or Diabetic. Organizations may also upload an image for each menu item to make it easier for staff to review the menu at a glance.


Search and Filter Menu Items Based on Nutritional Information

Nutritional information is searchable for staff members who place orders. This enables staff to search for food that is free of certain allergens, for example. They can also filter menu items out based on dietary requirements to ensure that they order the appropriate meals and refreshments for each meeting attendee. Staff placing the catering orders can also click on the icon next to a menu item to quickly view nutritional information.

From small enterprises to large corporations, any organization with a staffed catering facility can benefit from using Resource Central for resource booking and catering management. Resource Central gives catering service providers the ability to configure their menus and add images and nutritional information to each item on the menu.

For more information about how Resource Central can help your organization effectively manage catering and comply with menu labeling regulations in your country or locality, contact Add-On Products today to schedule a free trial or free online demo


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