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7 Ways Scheduling Software Can Boost Service-Based Startups


As a service-based startup, you need to plan and schedule your resources, which may include people, equipment, meeting rooms, training sessions, appointments, and more. Implementing scheduling software can help your startup save administrative time, maximize resources, and reduce overall costs. By optimizing scheduling time with software, you’ll free up time to generate new business and improve customer support and service.

Unfortunately, too many service-based startups don’t invest in scheduling software because they assume that it’s too expensive or unnecessary for their business. Here are some ways that scheduling software can help your startup work and collaborate more effectively.  

1. Book appointments with online scheduling software

For service-based businesses, one of the most important steps in the sales process is setting appointments. Online scheduling software enables you to easily book sales appointments and keep track of sales opportunities.


2. Optimize administrative tasks

Startups often don’t have the budget to hire full-time receptionists or administrative staff. Having the tools to schedule meetings and resources streamlines administrative tasks, keeps your team lean, and eliminates busy work for your employees.


3. Prevent booking errors

Double bookings, no-shows, and other errors can cost your startup. By using meeting room booking software, you can prevent booking mistakes and free up meeting rooms when they aren’t being occupied. When you cancel a meeting, the meeting room is automatically freed up so others can use it.


4. Get a quick overview of meeting room availability

Meeting scheduling software provides you with an overview of all your meeting rooms at a glance, so you can get a visual of which meeting rooms are free and when. Details like meeting room capacity and images are also just a click away, so you can easily inspect and reserve rooms.  


5. Book shared office space 

Many startups have offices that were set up with the Millennial worker in mind and are built around the principles of mobility and flexibility. Startups often use a hoteling setup, which means that their workers don’t have designated office space and only reserve office space on the days when they come to the office. Booking shared office space is simplified with the use of resource scheduling software.


6. Reserve or cancel a conference room from anywhere via the web

As long as you have access to a web-connected device, you can reserve a meeting room and modify or cancel your reservation anytime, anywhere. This is important in today’s increasingly mobile workplace, in which users need the ability to complete tasks while on the go.


7. One system for all of your needs 

Meeting scheduling software like Resource Central doesn’t just allow you to book appointments. It also enables you to order extra services like catering and audiovisual equipment, print visitor badges, and generate reports.

Being a startup is no excuse for being disorganized. Streamline the meeting and resource booking process from the get-go by using scheduling software like Add-On Products’ Resource Central. Resource Central transforms workplaces by allowing workers to quickly and seamlessly book and manage meeting rooms and resources. Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange, Resource Central extends the capabilities of the familiar Outlook® interface while still being easy to navigate and use.

For more information about Resource Central, sign up for a free trial or schedule a free demo today!


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Sunday, 05 July 2020