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5 Ways to Use Add-On Products in Your Marketing

5 Ways to Use Add-On Products in Your Marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of your company. No matter how great your products and services are, they won’t generate revenues for your business if people don’t know about them. Marketing spreads the word about your offerings and communicates their value to prospective customers. Add-On Products’ solutions allow you to market your products and services in these 5 ways.


1. Grab the attention of your target audience with eye-catching digital signage displays

Digital signage is a popular and effective marketing platform that allows you to save on printing costs while engaging customers with fresh, interactive, and eye-catching displays that promote your products and services. Digital signage complements your marketing strategy by increasing brand awareness, enhancing the customer experience, building customer loyalty, and boosting sales. You can use digital signs to provide customers with relevant information near the point of purchase or educate them about your products and services. The content displayed via digital signage is unique, customized with your brand’s colors and logo, and can be targeted to a specific time of day or audience. Add-On Products’ Ariadne is a full-scale digital signage solution that can be used to display videos, images, graphics, RSS feeds, and more.


2. Boost brand awareness with email signature software

Emails are a low-cost, frequently untapped marketing opportunity. Add-On Products’ email signature software Mailbox Central allows you to promote your brand every time you send an email. With Mailbox Central, you can implement company-wide email signatures that include your company’s logo, colors, website URL, contact information, and tagline. You can even use your company’s email signature to promote your latest marketing campaign and increase leads and sales. Most importantly, email signature software standardizes company-wide email signatures, creating consistency and boosting brand awareness and recognition.


3. Make a strong first impression on clients and prospects with effective visitor management

Visitor management software automates the visitor sign in/sign out process by allowing you to print visitor badges with barcodes that can be scanned and automatically sending notifications to hosts when visitors arrive. Resource Central, Add-On Products’ resource scheduling software for Microsoft Outlook®, streamlines visitor management for receptionists, so they can better serve customers and make them feel welcome. Your lobby is where prospects and customers form a lasting impression of your company, and visitor management system ensures that the impact made is a positive one. Resource Central can also be integrated with Add-On Products’ digital signage solutions Ariadne and Digital Sign Service. This allows you to display real-time meeting and event schedules on digital signs throughout your facility to keep visitors informed.


4. Make visitors feel welcome with digital signage

Welcome, inform and guide your guest with Ariadne

In addition to using digital signs to promote your offerings, you can also use digital signs to display personalized greetings and welcome messages that are customized with visitors’ names and company logos. This is a thoughtful way to welcome people to your facility. Wayfinding displayed via digital signage helps your visitors get from point A to point B, so their experience at your facility runs smoothly. This contributes to your overall marketing strategy by creating a positive image of your brand in the eyes of prospects and customers.


5. Enhance your branding with customized digital meeting room signs

Add-On Products’ Digital Sign Service software for meeting room signs allows you to brand your meeting room signs with your logo, colors, and font. You can also use digital meeting room signs to improve communication with visitors by keeping them informed about meeting and event schedules and helping them locate the appropriate meeting room. When a meeting room isn’t occupied, you can use the digital sign displayed outside of it to promote your products and services.

For more information about Add-On Products’ solutions and how they can complement your marketing efforts, please contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule free online demo.

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Sunday, 05 July 2020