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5 Ways to Spice Up Business Meetings So They Are Not Boring


We spend a good portion of our work week in meetings, and meetings are an essential part of doing business. They are an efficient way for people to quickly exchange ideas and information, as well as come to agreement on various matters. Nevertheless, people often view them as boring and a waste of time.

While you should only schedule meetings in your meeting room booking system when they are truly necessary and you should strive to keep them as short as possible, you can also improve the way you carry out meetings to boost engagement. If you have more interesting meetings, your teammates might even start enjoying them and looking forward to them each week. Here are 5 different ways to spice up your next meeting.


1. Do a stand up meeting

Not sitting down during a meeting helps to reduce the running time of a meeting because people are eager to get back to their seats, so they are quicker with their updates. It also helps to energize attendees because they aren’t slumped in a chair and are more attentive.


2. Use a circular table or do away with the table completely 

If your aim is to collaborate, it’s important to encourage open communication by putting everyone on equal footing. Square and rectangular tables tend to reinforce workplace hierarchies, so they aren’t as conducive to collaboration. Using a circular table can subconsciously help to eliminate those barriers and lighten up the work atmosphere. Better yet, you could even eliminate the table altogether and arrange your chairs in a circle.


3. Go outside 

Getting out of the same old meeting room or even the office promotes greater engagement because it takes people out of their usual routine and environment. You could take a walk outside with your team or hit a coffee shop or local park to reinvigorate your team meetings and foster excitement.


4. Remove technology from the meeting room

In this day and age, most people are typing on their laptops or looking at their phones during meetings. How about doing a meeting with no technology allowed? Eliminating the distractions of electronic devices can help to keep people’s focus on the meeting.


5. Add food to meetings

Get a box of bagels or donuts, or make your next team meeting a lunch meeting. Food gives your team a reason to look forward to the meeting. Eating during a meeting also encourages casual conversation between colleagues and can help build camaraderie. 

Meetings don’t have to be boring. When done well, meetings are an excellent tool for collaboration, communication, and problem solving. Implementing any of the above changes can help to spice up your meetings and make them more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

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