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5 Best Practices for Visitor Management


 Best Visitor Management Practices

It can be challenging to manage visitor appointments and keep a record of all visitors at your facility if you’re relying solely on paper logs and manual processes. Implementing a visitor management solution can help you record information about visitors and manage the flow of incoming and outgoing visitors, both planned and unplanned.

A visitor management system helps you warmly welcome guests, contributing to customer satisfaction. Effective visitor management also creates a workplace environment that feels safe to employees, which enhances their success and productivity. The following are some best practices for visitor management to keep in mind.


1. Establish and maintain a visitor management policy

Establish a visitor management policy that helps to maintain your facility’s security and deliver excellent customer service. Your visitor management policy should document responsibilities and name which personnel are authorized to create and edit visitor badges and generate visitor management logs, for example. The policy should also outline whether visitors are required to check in and sign out when they leave, where access points for visitors are located, and what type of identification visitors need to provide to verify their identity. Regularly review your visitor management protocols to ensure that security measures are understood and followed by all personnel.


2. Implement a user-friendly visitor management system 

Using a complete visitor management system improves your organization’s efficiency and productivity while enhancing client satisfaction and employee morale. It’s important to choose a user-friendly system that is easy for receptionists to understand and use and that integrates with the most commonly used functions, such as a visitor badge printer, self-service kiosk, and Microsoft Outlook®.


3. Print photo badges for visitors

Visitor management is key to the safety of your facility. From the point of view of security, it’s vital to print photo badges for visitors because it helps staff confirm that the person who is wearing the visitor badge is the same person who checked into your facility. Photo visitor badges enable staff and security personnel to quickly identify visitors and restrict access to a building to only those with visitor badges. Visitor badges should clearly display important details about visitors, including their name, photo, organization, and contact information. It’s best to collect visitor badges back when visitors leave the organization to prevent the misuse of badges.


4. Use an appointment-based system

Appointment-based systems are optimal for security because the receptionist is aware that a visitor is expected and can initiate the check-in process as soon as the visitor arrives. A visitor management system can be set up to automatically alert employees when visitors arrive, so receptionists don’t have to call hosts to notify them that their visitors have arrived. This saves everyone time.  


5. Generate reports

Visitor management systems make it convenient for you to analyze data about visitors. Data regarding visitors to your facility can tell the story of who visits your facility and why, helping you identify trends and spot potential issues. Choose a visitor management system that allows you to generate reports detailing data such as who in your facility meets with whom and the frequency with which they meet, the top visitors and their hosts, which visitors had missing exits, and which appointments run longer. Administrators can run reports and filter them by date range and other criteria. Reports help managers optimize visitor management processes and improve efficiency. You can learn a lot about business operations by tracking the flow of visitors.  

Visitor management systems provide a comprehensive solution for managing the flow of visitors to your facility. Effective visitor management processes and tools can help to reduce administrative burden and enhance security. Resource Central is meeting room booking software with a visitor management system that allows you to automatically send notifications to hosts when visitors arrive, set up a self-registration kiosk in your reception area, print visitor badges, and so much more.  

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