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5 Benefits of Using Familiar Software Like Outlook<sup><sup>®</sup></sup> for Resource Scheduling

5 Benefits of Using Familiar Software Like Outlook® for Resource Scheduling

Meetings are an essential part of doing business, but the time spent arranging them can be significantly reduced with the right tools. Resource scheduling software that integrates with Microsoft Outlook® is highly beneficial because it allows you to continue working with Outlook’s familiar user interface when scheduling meetings and associated services. There’s no need to learn how to use a new piece of software if you use an add-on for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook® for resource scheduling purposes. Furthermore, you’re complementing the investment you’ve already made in Microsoft products, ensuring a higher ROI. The following are some of the benefits of using resource scheduling software that integrates with Outlook®.

1. High user adoption

High user adoption is critical to the success of any software implementation. The greatest obstacle to overcome when implementing new software in your workplace is getting staff to embrace the new program and use it. If you implement resource scheduling software that integrates with Outlook®, this is not an issue because users already have the habit of using Outlook®.


2. Familiar interface

With resource scheduling software for Outlook®, all of the features that users need to schedule meetings and order extra services is available via the Outlook® interface. Using a resource scheduling add-on for Outlook® cuts down on the learning curve and saves your company on training time and costs. There is still functionality users have to learn to use, but the interface is intuitive for those already accustomed to using Outlook®. Furthermore, IT support staff can work with familiar technology and take advantage of their existing skillset rather than have to familiarize themselves with a completely separate platform.


3. One central system to complete various tasks

Outlook® is feature-rich. It includes an address book, task list, calendar, and virtual sticky notes, and all of the pieces are integrated. If you add resource scheduling functionality to Outlook®, you will be able to maximize your calendaring software and pull together various tasks into one central system.


4. Little additional infrastructure is required

If you already have the infrastructure in place to run Outlook® and Exchange, you’ll just need to build upon your Microsoft server platform a bit more with an SQL and IIS server to use Outlook-based resource scheduling software. This maximizes your existing scheduling investment and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of resource scheduling software. Using an Outlook® add-on also reduces installation time and complexity.


5. Improved efficiency and productivity

Turn both Outlook® and the Exchange server into a scheduling powerhouse with the addition of meeting and resource scheduling software. Having the right tools can make all the difference in productivity levels and eliminate double bookings, lost orders, missed meetings, and other errors. Resource scheduling software simplifies the meeting planning process by allowing you to order equipment, catering, and other services in one simple process directly within Outlook®.


Take Resource Scheduling to the Next Level with Resource Central

Add-On Products’ Resource Central is a complete meeting room and resource scheduling tool that integrates with Outlook®. You can view the availability of multiple meeting rooms in a single location or across multiple sites at a glance, schedule meetings, ordering catering and other services in one step, and so much more. Resource Central integrates directly with the Exchange Server and also supports Office 365. Contact Add-On Products today to set up a free demo or trial of Resource Central and discover how it could benefit your organization.

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