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3 Ways to Offer Visitors a Well-Prepared Welcome with a Visitor Management System

3 Ways to Offer Visitors a Well-Prepared Welcome with a Visitor Management System

Receptionists are usually the first point of contact for clients and visitors, so it is crucial that they make a good first impression. However, receptionists are also busy people who juggle varying demands at once. It is difficult for them to make phone calls or send emails back and forth every time visitors arrive, all the while trying to offer good customer service.

From taking a long time to check visitors in and out to forgetting people’s names, many problems could arise that affect your company’s image in the eyes of visitors. Fortunately, gone are the days of asking visitors to enter their information into paper log books and adhering to slow, error-prone visitor check-in processes. Visitor management software streamlines visitor registration by enabling you to sign visitors in and out with ease and print name badges for them in a matter of seconds. The result is improved customer service and a positive first impression for visitors arriving at your company office.

A robust visitor management system professionalizes your company’s reception area and improves the security of your organization by enabling you to identify exactly who is at your facility and why. Whether they’re planned visitors or not, a visitor management system helps you manage incoming and outgoing visitors in a way that improves efficiency, customer satisfaction, and productivity. Not only does a complete visitor registration solution allow for quick check-in and checkout, it also gives your staff more time to greet visitors in a relaxed, professional manner. Below are 3 specific ways in which visitor management software can help you be better prepared to welcome visitors.

1. Print Name Badges

Forgetting your visitors’ names is more than a social faux pas – it could damage your relationships with prospects and customers. Eliminate the embarrassment of forgetting visitors’ names for good by printing out name badges for them in the reception area when they arrive. Name badges also make your visitors feel welcome.

Visitor management software gives you total control over the screening and badging of everyone in your building. It provides you with a complete and centralized record of all visitor traffic as well as an overview of visitors at any location in your building.

2. Perform Barcode Scans

There’s no need to use pen and paper if you can perform barcode scans to capture detailed information in seconds. When you print out name badges with barcodes on them, you can easily keep track of registered visitors. You can also scan visitors’ barcodes when they leave to check them out quickly.

Barcode scanning is far more accurate and professional than keeping handwritten log books, which offer little security and put visitor information out in the open for anyone to see.

3. Send Automatic Email Notifications

As soon as an expected visitor arrives and is signed in, an email is sent out to the host automatically so that he can head down to the reception area and meet the guest. This minimizes wait time for both the host and the visitor. If a visitor is late, you can get some work done in your office until an email notification arrives rather than wait in the reception area. Automatic email notifications also free up receptionists’ time, so they don’t have to call or email you each time a new visitor arrives.


Offer Improved Customer Service in Your Reception Area with Resource Central

Save time and streamline the visitor registration process at your office with Resource Central, an easy-to-use meeting room booking solution for Microsoft Outlook® that is designed to meet the needs of busy offices and reception areas. When you book a meeting room in Resource Central, you can specify which attendees are visitors and then use the visitor module to print name badges with barcodes. Email notifications are automatically sent out to hosts when visitors are registered, freeing them up to focus on other tasks. Resource Central also enables you to order associated services, book hot desks, generate reports on meeting room usage, and warmly welcome guests.

Don’t risk damaging a visitor’s first impression of your company. Request an online demo of Resource Central if you’d like to enhance both the meeting room booking and visitor check-in process at your facility. Improved customer service is only a click away.

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