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Visitor management systems are meant to help your receptionists run more smoothly by automating the check-in process.

Why You Need a Visitor Management System, Even If You Have a Receptionist

Receptionists have a huge impact on your business. They are the face of your company. Every person who walks through your door will meet your receptionist and form an opinion of your company based on that interaction. If you want to make a great first impression, welcome visitors in style by implementing a visitor management system. If you have a receptionist working the front desk, you might wonder why you need to have a visitor management system. Visitor management systems aren’t meant to replace your hardworking receptionists—they are meant to help them. Such systems allow your front desk ...

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Visitor management consists of different phases. It’s important to carefully consider each phase of this process when receiving guests.

The Importance of Visitor Management: Protecting Your Business and Improving Customer Service

Your company’s reception area is the gateway to your office. Visitors to your office come in different shapes and sizes. They could be anyone from potential new hires coming in for an interview, to important clients. Regardless of the types of visitors you’re expecting, it’s important to process them quickly and efficiently while giving them a warm welcome.    Visitor management consists of a few different phases: before the visit, the moment the visitor arrives, their stay, and the moment they leave. It’s important to carefully consider each phase of this process when receiving guests.   Inform ...

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Best visitor management practices like establishing and maintaining a policy as well as implementing a user-friendly system can improve both security and efficiency.

5 Best Practices for Visitor Management

If your business is like most, you probably receive a number of visitors on a daily basis. It can be challenging to manage visitor appointments and keep a record of all visitors at your facility if you’re relying solely on paper logs and manual processes. Implementing a visitor management system can help you record information about visitors and manage the flow of incoming and outgoing visitors, both planned and unplanned. A visitor management system helps you warmly welcome guests, contributing to customer satisfaction. Effective visitor management also creates a workplace environment that ...

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Easily schedule meetings and invite internal and external attendees even over multiple locations. The My Visitors tool can assist in easily inviting external guests fast.

Pre-Register External Visitors for Meetings with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange

Our world has become increasingly technology-driven, but the power of meetings cannot be denied, even in the digital age. While emails and social media interactions can be a powerful way to communicate with people across distances, videoconferences and face-to-face meetings are the most effective at building trust and long-term partnerships. Meetings are effective business facilitators, but many people are not fond of them, not only because they take a lot of time to carry out, but also because they are a hassle to schedule.   From finding the right sized meeting room and checking its availability, ...

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The way you welcome and register visitors and clients can help them form a positive first impression of your company when they enter your reception area.

Visitor Management Solutions That Make Receptionists–And Visitors–Happy

Your reception area is literally and figuratively the doorway to your business. Clients and visitors form their first impression of your company when they enter your reception area, and first impressions can be hard to shake. From the way you greet visitors to how the whole visitor registration process is handled, your reception area’s workflow, or lack thereof, can make or break your reputation. Visitor management software helps to streamline the process of welcoming and registering visitors, so receptionists can focus on offering friendly, helpful service.  Receptionists are often responsible ...

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