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A growing number of businesses are experiencing the benefits of flexible work.

Different Types of Flexible Working Arrangements

Is your organization struggling to recruit and retain talent? Flexible working arrangements might be the key to attracting top talent as well as unlocking the full potential of your workforce. A growing number of businesses are experiencing the benefits of flexible work, which has a strong impact on job satisfaction and productivity levels. As its name suggests, flexible work is flexible, either in terms of the hours worked or the location where the work is performed. Today’s employees have higher expectations and strive to work to live, not live to work. Bonuses, pats on the back, and salary ...

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Reduce workplace stress and benefit by becoming focused and energized on the job.

10 Ways to Lower Workplace Stress

While experiencing some amount of stress in the workplace is normal and even beneficial for staying focused and energized on the job, an excessive amount of stress at work can affect your productivity and performance. Taking steps to reduce workplace stress is healthy and can even help you do your job better. It’s easier and less time-consuming than you think to reduce workplace stress. There’s no need to splurge on a spa treatment or weekend luxury retreat to relax and recuperate. The following are 10 ways that you can reduce stress and take yourself from chaos to calm. 1. Listen to music If ...

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Many employees are interested in flexible work. Flexible work arrangements positively impact employee relations, commitment, and motivation levels.

7 Ways to Convince Your Boss That Flexible Working Is a Good Idea

Flexible working policies allow employees to vary their work schedules. The most common form of flexible working is flexi time, when employees don’t work the traditional 9-to-5 hours and have the option to start and end work at varying times. Other types of flexible working arrangements include telecommuting, mealtime flex, alternating work locations, and a compressed workweek, which allows employees to work 40 hours per week in less than five days. The primary benefit of flexible working is that it allows employees to fit other responsibilities and activities around their work schedules. Flexible ...

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Improve space utilization and effectiveness with a centralized meeting room booking manager.

How to streamline meeting room space utilization

Space utilization has always been an issue for companies and corporations both big and small. This especially pertains to the booking of meeting rooms, and finding ways to make sure groups of all sizes have a room that can satisfy their need. However, by allowing central personnel, like receptionists the ability to re-arrange meetings into different rooms, you can fully utilize the space you are operating in.   Help reduce space conflicts How many of you have had to book a meeting in a room that seats more people than you have attending, or have tried to book a large room but find that the ...

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By welcoming invitees with food, it shows them that you have made them a priority

The benefit of serving catering for meetings

Having catering at meetings creates a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere for those attending. By welcoming invitees with food, even if it is as simple as a vegetable tray, shows them that you have taken the time to welcome them, and made them a priority. Further, just like sitting around a dining table at home with a family, eating food creates a more open environment that encourages interaction and idea sharing. Think about how many relationships start, or how they grow, just by sharing a meal with someone. By catering an event, you are not only providing employees and guests with an energy ...

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