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In meetings, you come across a multitude of personality types that may influence the outcome of a meeting.

Types of Meeting Personalities and How to Interact with Them

In business meetings, you’re bound to come across a multitude of personality types. Before having a meeting, it’s important to consider who will be present and the strengths and weaknesses of each attendee’s personality. Treating all meeting participants in the exact same way can be counterproductive because each person is motivated by different things. It’s important not to make assumptions about team members and how they will respond to activities and presentations. The following are some of the “unique” personalities you’re likely to encounter and how to embrace each of them.   The ...

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Meetings take up a lot of time for employees and this is why it is worth investigating how you can succeed in having effective meetings.

What Makes Meetings Effective?

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a meeting, bored, wondering why you have to be there? Have you ever felt like a meeting you were in was long and directionless? Meetings take up a lot of time for employees, and particularly for managers. According to research, employees spend about 35% of their time in meetings and managers spend up to 50% of their time in meetings. What’s worse, many meetings are unproductive and leave you with little time to get actual work done. Despite this sad state of affairs, meetings aren’t going anywhere. In fact, each year, we spend an increasing amount of ...

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New mega trends are changing the workplace and transform the way we work.

The Future of Work - 5 Mega Trends That Are Changing the Workplace

Could a robot eventually take your job? Will smart buildings change the way we work forever? These are just some of the questions surrounding the future of work. In the last decade, we’ve witnessed major changes in the way technology is used to help people complete tasks in the workplace. These advancements are affecting everyone, from white-collar knowledge workers to blue-collar factory workers. The following are some mega trends in work technology that will transform the way we work now and into the future.      1. Robots There is fear surrounding how robots might replace many jobs ...

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Implementing scheduling software can help your startup save administrative time, maximize resources, and reduce overall costs.

7 Ways Scheduling Software Can Boost Service-Based Startups

As a service-based startup, you need to plan and schedule your resources, which may include people, equipment, meeting rooms, training sessions, appointments, and more. Implementing scheduling software can help your startup save administrative time, maximize resources, and reduce overall costs. By optimizing scheduling time with software, you’ll free up time to generate new business and improve customer support and service. Unfortunately, too many service-based startups don’t invest in scheduling software because they assume that it’s too expensive or unnecessary for their business. Here ...

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Retain and attract the best employees by cultivating an atmosphere that makes people want to come to work.

How to Attract Top Talent by Optimizing the Employee Experience

Behind every great company exists a team of passionate, talented employees who drive the growth of the business. Many managers wonder what they can do to attract and retain the best employees amidst what’s often a brutal competition for top talent. Major, innovative companies like Google and Apple don’t even have to try to attract talent because the best of the best is tripping over their feet to work for them. If you don’t have a famous company but want to attract great employees, the secret to success lies in creating the ultimate employee experience. By cultivating a positive, welcoming ...

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