Read more about the benefits of meeting room and resource scheduling.
Resource booking software is versatile and can be modified to the needs of your organisation. Book for example cars, parking spaces etc.

Booking Possibilities in Resource Central: Car Pooling, Guided Tours, and More

Resource booking software is more versatile than you might imagine. Software that is used to schedule meetings, reserve meeting rooms, and invite attendees can also be used to book cars, parking spaces, shuttle services, guided tours, and other resources. The interface of a resource booking system gives you an at-a-glance overview of available resources at your office and other company locations. Using a simple search tool, you can enter keywords and filter results to find what you’re looking for.   Add-On Products’ resource booking software Resource Central for Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook ...

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Make a well-prepared meeting agenda and stay focused during your meetings.

Productive Meetings – How to Set an Effective Agenda and Accomplish Your Meeting Objectives

We’ve all been in meetings that veer off topic or in which participants are unprepared. In order to prevent this from occurring and avoid wasting people’s time, it’s important to start your meetings with a clear agenda. A well-written meeting agenda helps participants come better prepared and stay on task. A meeting agenda is also helpful in allocating time, getting everyone on the same page, and identifying when a discussion of a particular topic is complete. When problems occur during a meeting, a meeting agenda can bring the conversation back on course and help your team address issues. A ...

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Double bookings are frustrating, but some simple fixes can eliminate the problem.

How to Prevent Double Bookings in Microsoft Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook® to book meeting rooms, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the frustrating experience of double bookings. Not only can double bookings leave you without a meeting room when you need it, you could also end up with equipment, catering, and other extra services that you will no longer be able to use. Additionally, double bookings create a poor impression among clients or business partners who have come to meet with you at your facility. Productivity is lost as you shuffle to find an available meeting room at the last minute due to a double booking. Imagine settling into ...

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In meetings, you come across a multitude of personality types that may influence the outcome of a meeting.

Types of Meeting Personalities and How to Interact with Them

In business meetings, you’re bound to come across a multitude of personality types. Before having a meeting, it’s important to consider who will be present and the strengths and weaknesses of each attendee’s personality. Treating all meeting participants in the exact same way can be counterproductive because each person is motivated by different things. It’s important not to make assumptions about team members and how they will respond to activities and presentations. The following are some of the “unique” personalities you’re likely to encounter and how to embrace each of them.   The ...

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Meetings take up a lot of time for employees and this is why it is worth investigating how you can succeed in having effective meetings.

What Makes Meetings Effective?

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a meeting, bored, wondering why you have to be there? Have you ever felt like a meeting you were in was long and directionless? Meetings take up a lot of time for employees, and particularly for managers. According to research, employees spend about 35% of their time in meetings and managers spend up to 50% of their time in meetings. What’s worse, many meetings are unproductive and leave you with little time to get actual work done. Despite this sad state of affairs, meetings aren’t going anywhere. In fact, each year, we spend an increasing amount of ...

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