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New mega trends are changing the workplace and transform the way we work.

The Future of Work - 5 Mega Trends That Are Changing the Workplace

Could a robot eventually take your job? Will smart buildings change the way we work forever? These are just some of the questions surrounding the future of work. In the last decade, we’ve witnessed major changes in the way technology is used to help people complete tasks in the workplace. These advancements are affecting everyone, from white-collar knowledge workers to blue-collar factory workers. The following are some mega trends in work technology that will transform the way we work now and into the future.      1. Robots There is fear surrounding how robots might replace many jobs ...

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Implementing scheduling software can help your startup save administrative time, maximize resources, and reduce overall costs.

7 Ways Scheduling Software Can Boost Service-Based Startups

As a service-based startup, you need to plan and schedule your resources, which may include people, equipment, meeting rooms, training sessions, appointments, and more. Implementing scheduling software can help your startup save administrative time, maximize resources, and reduce overall costs. By optimizing scheduling time with software, you’ll free up time to generate new business and improve customer support and service. Unfortunately, too many service-based startups don’t invest in scheduling software because they assume that it’s too expensive or unnecessary for their business. Here ...

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Retain and attract the best employees by cultivating an atmosphere that makes people want to come to work.

How to Attract Top Talent by Optimizing the Employee Experience

Behind every great company exists a team of passionate, talented employees who drive the growth of the business. Many managers wonder what they can do to attract and retain the best employees amidst what’s often a brutal competition for top talent. Major, innovative companies like Google and Apple don’t even have to try to attract talent because the best of the best is tripping over their feet to work for them. If you don’t have a famous company but want to attract great employees, the secret to success lies in creating the ultimate employee experience. By cultivating a positive, welcoming ...

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A growing number of businesses are experiencing the benefits of flexible work.

Different Types of Flexible Working Arrangements

Is your organization struggling to recruit and retain talent? Flexible working arrangements might be the key to attracting top talent as well as unlocking the full potential of your workforce. A growing number of businesses are experiencing the benefits of flexible work, which has a strong impact on job satisfaction and productivity levels. As its name suggests, flexible work is flexible, either in terms of the hours worked or the location where the work is performed. Today’s employees have higher expectations and strive to work to live, not live to work. Bonuses, pats on the back, and salary ...

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Reduce workplace stress and benefit by becoming focused and energized on the job.

10 Ways to Lower Workplace Stress

While experiencing some amount of stress in the workplace is normal and even beneficial for staying focused and energized on the job, an excessive amount of stress at work can affect your productivity and performance. Taking steps to reduce workplace stress is healthy and can even help you do your job better. It’s easier and less time-consuming than you think to reduce workplace stress. There’s no need to splurge on a spa treatment or weekend luxury retreat to relax and recuperate. The following are 10 ways that you can reduce stress and take yourself from chaos to calm. 1. Listen to music If ...

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