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How do you start your meetings to engage participants? Get tips on meeting check-ins and how they could benefit your organization.

Meeting Check-Ins: What They Are and How They Could Benefit Your Organization

How do you start your meetings? Do you engage meeting participants from the start? The reason why a lot of employees groan when they find out they have to attend another meeting is because they see it as a waste of time. If you want your meetings to be productive, engaging, and well received, it’s important to start off your meetings right because it sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. A great way to open every meeting is with a check-in.  A check-in consists of asking meeting participants a question or set of questions at the beginning of the meeting. A check-in could be as simple ...

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Recently hot desking has become more commonplace as businesses are constantly looking for ways to support flexibility.

5 Benefits of Hot Desking for Companies and Employees

In the modern workplace, agility is crucial. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to support flexibility and foster teamwork and innovation. While the practice of hot desking has been around for the past 20 years or so, it didn’t become commonplace till recent years. Hot desking can cut the costs of running an office by up to 30%, so it’s a popular choice among employers. Hot desking offers benefits for employees, too. Below are the top 5 benefits of hot desking for companies and employees.   1. Increase collaboration  Hot desking encourages people to move around the office, and ...

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Improve your communication using video conferencing and web conferencing tools.

Videoconferencing vs. Telephone Conferencing: Which Is the Best Way to Work with a Remote Team?

Geographically dispersed employees are increasingly common in today’s workplaces. Perhaps you have offices in multiple locations or you have a group of telecommuters that you manage. There are many different challenges that come with supervising employees in multiple locations and time zones, one of the most prominent of them being communication.   At one point in time, telephone conferencing was the preferred method of communication for people in two or more locations. By pressing just a few buttons, team members could connect and converse across multiple locations. While audio conferencing ...

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Use the support desk dashboard to effectively manage video conferences throughout your organization.

Optimizing Video Conferencing in Your Organization with a Support Desk Dashboard

Video conferencing is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traveling for in-person meetings. It is also much more effective than communicating via telephone in many situations because it allows you to connect visually with the people you’re talking to, demonstrate products, and actually see what you’re discussing.   Although video conferencing cannot replace face-to-face interaction, it is the next closest thing to being there in person. During a video conferencing call, you can see people’s facial expressions and body language, which leads to more effective collaboration.   Video ...

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Going green has become a popular business strategy. Cloud Computing is only one of the sustainability trends in 2018.

Go Green: Sustainability Trends in 2018

Going green has become a popular business strategy. With news of declining natural resources and the worsening effects of global warming, achieving sustainability in business operations has become more of a requirement than an option. The public has also come to favor green business practices and has put pressure on companies to become more sustainable. Businesses that don’t want to be left behind have jumped onto the sustainability bandwagon. Going green is also great for an organization’s profitability and bottom line. Below are some sustainability trends that are driving business practices ...

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