Going green has become a popular business strategy. Cloud Computing is only one of the sustainability trends in 2018.

Go Green: Sustainability Trends in 2018

Going green has become a popular business strategy. With news of declining natural resources and the worsening effects of global warming, achieving sustainability in business operations has become more of a requirement than an option. The public has also come to favor green business practices and has put pressure on companies to become more sustainable. Businesses that don’t want to be left behind have jumped onto the sustainability bandwagon. Going green is also great for an organization’s profitability and bottom line. Below are some sustainability trends that are driving business practices ...

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Best visitor management practices like establishing and maintaining a policy as well as implementing a user-friendly system can improve both security and efficiency.

5 Best Practices for Visitor Management

If your business is like most, you probably receive a number of visitors on a daily basis. It can be challenging to manage visitor appointments and keep a record of all visitors at your facility if you’re relying solely on paper logs and manual processes. Implementing a visitor management system can help you record information about visitors and manage the flow of incoming and outgoing visitors, both planned and unplanned. A visitor management system helps you warmly welcome guests, contributing to customer satisfaction. Effective visitor management also creates a workplace environment that ...

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Meetings are a part of the daily work routine most in offices, but meeting rooms often have low- to medium-utilization rates.

Improve Room Utilization with Full-Service Resource Scheduling Software

Meetings are a part of the daily work routine in most offices, yet one of the costliest and most wasted resources that companies have are their meeting rooms. This is because most offices experience low- to medium-utilization rates of meeting rooms. One of the primary reasons why meeting spaces go unused is that people assume that they are booked when they are actually not. Meeting details tend to change pretty quickly, so a meeting that was booked earlier in the day may no longer be occurring. To prevent these meeting rooms from going unused, it is helpful for meeting organizers to use meeting ...

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Maximize the usage of office space with reporting tools.

How to Analyze Meeting Room and Workspace Usage with Reporting Tools

Are you looking for ways to maximize the usage of office space? As today’s companies move to lower costs and workplaces become increasingly flexible and agile, efficiently managing workspace has become a top priority. Real estate is one of an organization’s largest expenses. Companies are moving to reduce the cost of real estate by changing the usage and configuration of their workspace or moving their offices to less expensive locations. But how you can monitor the utilization of workspace and gather meeting room usage statistics to make better business decisions?   Whether you’re a facility ...

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Boost business performance and increase transparency with better communication and collaboration software tools that make employees more happy and more productive.

How Communication & Collaboration Tools Make for Happier and More Productive Employees

Many organizations have long been enjoying the productivity benefits that communication & collaboration software offer: it’s easier to communicate with your colleagues both in the office and remotely, share resources and files, and set up meetings. Communication tools also help employees stay connected, allowing them to juggle multiple projects and still remain highly productive. A less anticipated benefit of using collaboration and communication tools is that they increase transparency in everyone’s work. You can more easily keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your organization, ...

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