5 Ways to Strengthen Your Company Brand with Digital Signage Software

Digital signage is rapidly being adopted in a variety of settings, from shopping malls and restaurants, to hospitals and corporate boardrooms. By implementing digital signage throughout your facility, you can increase brand recognition and awareness, enhance your marketing, and influence customer purchase. Below are effective ways to strengthen your company brand with digital signs.

1. Complement your marketing strategies

Complement your latest marketing campaigns with digital signage. You can use digital signs to promote your wares, provide relevant details to customers near the point of sale, and cross-sell or upsell items. You can display new offers and promotions and create engaging, interactive experiences that strengthen your brand. Using digital signage in retail environments can increase dwell time by creating a more satisfying shopping experience. You can invite customers to interact with your brand via digital signs rather than merely be spectators. Through engaging digital presentations, customers learn more about your company and the products and services you offer.

2. Deliver the right message at the right time

With digital signage software, you can display content that is targeted to the person standing right in front of the digital sign. When content is highly focused and relevant to viewers, it creates a memorable brand experience and leads to increased viewership. For example, during the daytime, you might display content in a shopping mall that is targeted to young children and stay-at-home parents, while in the afternoon and evening, you could stream content geared toward people who are shopping after school or work. By creating a digital signage network with a consistent look and feel as well as top-notch content, you can enhance brand recognition and build a loyal audience. If you use digital signs to display critical content and alerts, viewers will come to rely on your digital signage network as a trustworthy source of information and seek it out every time they visit your facility. Not only can you use digital signs to enhance brand recognition in the long run, you can also use them to increase revenues immediately. Companies can deliver real-time messages via digital signage at the point of purchase to drive sales and increase revenues. For instance, banks could promote their latest products and services behind tellers or in drive-through lines to educate customers about promotions. Hotels could use digital signs in their elevators, hallways, and lobbies to advertise their in-house bars and restaurants near dinnertime, encouraging guests to dine within the hotel and preventing lost revenues.

3. Improve staff loyalty and morale

Internal communication is crucial to your company’s success because your employees are your most important and effective brand ambassadors. Digital signage can be used to strengthen brand loyalty within your company. You can keep your staff informed about event and meeting schedules, communicate company values, display personalized greetings, relay important messages, and post congratulatory messages to keep employee morale up. Using digital signs to strengthen communication within your organization will maximize productivity and motivation in your workplace.

4. Digital signs grab attention

Because people detect motion, digital signs are more eye-catching than static paper banners and signs. Digital signs can be customized with your company’s logo, colors, font, and other brand elements. They combine sound, video, graphics, text, and animation to deliver colorful and captivating messages that attract attention, retain viewers, and keep them coming back for more. However, it’s important that the layouts you use for your digital signs align with your company’s overall branding to create a memorable and consistent brand experience.

5. Engage captive audiences

Digital signs are frequently used in waiting rooms, terminals, lobbies, near lines, and in other locations where people have to wait. Captive audiences are generally seeking information and entertainment. Digital signage captures their attention and provides them with targeted, useful information. By updating the content displayed on your digital signs regularly, you can keep customers interested and engaged. For example, you could use digital signs in waiting rooms at a healthcare facility to display relevant health and wellness information and important updates about the healthcare facility and its policies. Not only does this free up staff from having to provide this information, it also reduces perceived wait times.

Grab attention and reach out with digital signs

Reach out to potential customers wherever they may be with digital signage software. Add-On Products offers two types of digital signage software: Digital Sign Service and Ariadne. Digital Sign Service is meeting room software that is used to display meeting schedules and allows users to book meetings directly on meeting room signs. Ariadne is a full-scale digital signage solution that can be used to display everything from RSS feeds and television, to videos and pictures. and don’t require the use of legacy hardware. For more information about our digital signage solutions or to schedule a free trial or demo, contact Add-On Products now.


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