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WebTeam Central

Stay informed and up-to-date while on the go with a web based team calendar
Get an overview of multiple calendars and plan meetings when you are out of the office with the web based calendar WebTeam Central. WebTeam Central is web-based group calendar for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that enhances communication, streamlines your organization’s scheduling process, and ensures the necessary flexibility demanded in the agile workforce with staff working anywhere and anytime.

WebTeam Central offers most of the same user-friendly, timesaving features as Exchange Central.

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Improve your flexibility and efficiency

The web calendar software gives you access to your projects when you are out of the office on for instance customer visits. You can also use your commuting time more efficiently by planning projects with WebTeam Central.


  • An overview of you colleagues’ calendars provides the essential flexibility for your mobile workforce.
  • Enhances your efficiency by allowing you to schedule appointments with co-workers when you are not in the office.
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Enhance the planning efforts in your organization

WTC-Timeline smallcDo you need a web based calendar providing you with a user-friendly overview of multiple calendars and planning tools to quickly complete the daily tasks? Your company can save resources and time by streamlining the planning process with WebTeam Central.


  • User-friendly overview of multiple calendars.
  • Effortlessly plan meetings with multiple colleagues.
  • Book directly in other user' calendars.
  • Customize your view by grouping multiple calendars based on location, department or temporary group.
  • Adapt your calendar view to your specific needs by, for instance, limiting it to a projects’ time period thereby including project members’ meetings and tasks.
  • Generate filters for different appointments/meetings such as payable consultancy and project meetings.

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Improve your organization’s productivity

Use the web calendar software, to determine what tasks your staff do. Projects managers can for instance evaluate projects by concluding how many hours have been used on a particular project or assignment. This information can be used for future project planning.

A head of department can also benefit from the web calendar software. He or she can for instance access information on how many hours the department has spent on tasks such as professional services, customer visits, meetings, etc.


  • Determine what employees are busy doing: past, present, and future.
  • Color code your own categories such as vacation and professional service.

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Improve internal and external communication

WTC-Weekview smallcA team calendar provides an overview of team members' calendars thereby improving internal communication.

Enhance your reception's external communication and customer service
The first person whom visitors encounter is the receptionist. With WebTeam Central’s receptionist view, receptionists can minimize visitors' wait time and instantly provide accurate pieces of information.


  • Easily call or email a co-worker by clicking his or her calendar.
  • Send a telephone message to a co-worker via a user friendly email form
  • Print Exchange users’ contact information, for instance emails, addresses, and phone numbers

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