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Schedule a Complete Meeting in 2 Minutes with Resource Central
Minutes Spent Scheduling Each Meeting Now  
  * Minutes Spent Scheduling the Room  
  * Minutes Spent Arranging Catering  
  * Minutes Spent Arranging Room Setup  
Number of Meeting Rooms  
Number of Daily Meetings Held Per Meeting Room  
 Average Annual Salary for Meeting Schedulers  
Annual Employee Cost with Current Booking System £
Annual Employee Cost with Resource Central £
Annual Financial Savings with Resource Central £
Hours Saved Annualy with Resource Central  
Improve Resource Utilization by 10% With Resource Central
Number of Meeting Rooms  
Average Annual Cost of Maintaining a Meeting Room  
Number of Hot-Desks  
Average Annual Cost of Maintaining a Workspace  
Annual Savings from Efficient Room Booking £
Annual Savings from Efficient Workspace Booking £
Annual Savings with Resource Central £
Est. Licensing and Set-Up - One Time Cost £
Est. Annual Maintenance £
ROI (Savings-Investment)/Investment  
Payback Period in Number of Months  
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