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Resource Central

Resource Central is a complete meeting room booking system and a conference-planning tool for Office 365, Microsoft Outlook ® and Exchange that reduces your meeting costs, allows your staff to spend time on other tasks thus improving your service level and efficiency reflecting on your Return on Investment (ROI).

Schedule meetings, including all extra services, in less than 2 minutes

In Outlook ®, book a meeting, easily search for available rooms and resources, order catering and other services and you are done! No more manually handling cancelations or operating in several systems when ordering associated services and creating internal allocations or invoices since Resource Central can integrate with ERP systems.

meeting-room-resource-centralMeeting Room Booking System
Search for suitable meeting rooms in one location or across multiple sites. Find the right rooms based on categories such as video conferencing, filters and room capacity in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

hot-desks-resource-centralBook hot desks / hoteling
Manage workspaces thereby reducing overhead costs and enabling flexible working initiatives.

catering-resource-centralOrder catering and additional services

Streamline your meeting planning with one-step ordering for catering, facilities and IT requests as well as any other internal or external service.

web-app-phone-resource-centralSchedule meetings anytime and anywhere
Book meetings with resources and attendees via smartphones, tablets and other internet-enabled devices via Resource Central’s booking web app with no need for an Outlook® client.

resources-resource-centralBook additional resources like laptops, projectors, cars, etc.
Leverage your booking processes by including these additional resources in Resource Central.

visitor-resource-centralImprove your customer service via the visitor management system

Upgrade your customer service with visitor badges, barcode scans, and email notifications.

digital-signage-icon-resource-centralIntegrate with digital signage

Enhance your internal and external communication with integration to digital signage solutions.

report-resource-centralBuilt-in standard reports

Report on catering, resource utilization, and extra services orders, visitors and much more.

support-for-office-365Resource Central supports Office 365/Exchange Online.

Integration with Exchange Server

Resource Central integrates directly with the Exchange Server via Exchange Web Services. The resource scheduling software provides instant schedule with no need to wait for synchronization or interfacing delays. Our unique integration insures that all parts of Resource Central are automatically updated with current information. Thanks to RealTime Service, all parts of Resource Central are automatically updated with current information.

Global Scale
Resource Central is used by numerous multinational organizations, works across multiple locations and time zones. It’s available in 14 languages.

More information

Please visit our knowledgebase for technical specifications. Should you need information on prices, please contact us.

Meeting room booking

Joining forces with Office 365, Microsoft Outlook ® and the Exchange Server, Resource Central enables you to quickly and easily locate, reserve, book, and schedule the most appropriate meeting rooms for your needs. The resource booking software provides you with an essential overview of all meeting rooms showing availability, selected images of the individual rooms, catering deadline and other important details, such as maximum capacity, floor plans, and directions.

Attendee availability

Determine whether attendees are available while booking meeting rooms. Meeting rooms and resource calendars are displayed along with attendee calendars in a clear and intuitive manner allowing for quick and easy scheduling.

Ordering service

Use the resource booking software to order all your required services such as catering, facilities requests, IT requests etc. Simply click the order form button once you have selected your attendees and meeting room. Resource Central also handles changes and cancellations, saving you time – time that could be better spent on other tasks.

  • List and book available meeting rooms, resources, or hot desks through Outlook ®
  • Resource Central handles all changes and cancellations
  • Quick overview of all meeting rooms showing availability, selected images, and important details, such as maximum capacity
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • View availability of all internal meeting attendees
  • Resource Central supports recurring meetings and other complex bookings
Schedule meetings via smartphones, tablets, and other devices

With Resource Central, you can view your calendar and book meetings/resources anytime and anywhere independent of device, browser and Outlook ® clients. Use our booking web app on for instance iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows phone and all the major desktop browsers.

Read more about Resource Central’s booking web app and its features.

Hot desks booking

Resource Central is an easy-to-use resource scheduling software that assists your organization in the scheduling of workstations.

In today’s business environment, knowledge-based workers are only spending a fraction of their time at the office. Office hoteling, or hot-desking, offers organizations the ability to cut their overhead costs significantly while making it easier for employees to work flexibly.

Organizations interested in utilizing their facilities more efficiently are increasingly turning to Resource Central to schedule their workspaces. With Resource Central, users are able to search for and book available workspaces by category and location directly through Outlook ®, either in advance or on demand.

  • List and book available hot desks through Outlook ®
  • Use facilities more efficiently by scheduling and booking your workstations
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Order services

When you book a meeting, you can send order receipts automatically to all internal and external service providers, including meeting organizers, catering personnel, IT personnel, etc.     

Service provider overview
Service providers are automatically notified and receive order forms. They can view and print orders made by the meeting arranger. There’s no need for service providers to make a note of changes, as the resource scheduling software handles all changes and cancellations.

Order forms are 100% customizable and can be adapted to your specific needs. This means that the associated services available for order on each order form will vary based on the individual meeting room, building, location or country. With Resource Central, you can book parking lots, event planning or anything else that fits your company’s needs.

Integration with ERP systems
Complete the order-to-invoice process for both internal and external invoices by integrating Resource Central with your company's accounting system.

  • Order AV-equipment, catering, and other services in your Outlook ® calendar
  • Order receipts are automatically sent to all meeting organizers, catering personnel, etc., reducing your workload and improving internal communication
  • View reservations and orders in a separate administration module
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for both meeting arrangers and service providers
Improve resource utilization

Extract reports on resource utilization and monitor meeting room usage. Resource Central improves your bottom line by ensuring that you’re using meeting rooms and desks in the most efficient way possible. For instance, you can avoid having empty hot desk(s).

Reports on meeting room usage
Resource Central’s report generator enables you to:

  • Analyze room and workspace usage to asses which resources are over- or under-utilized
  • Use standard resource utilization reports or easily create your own reports that are customized to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Generate reports based on Microsoft Reporting Services
Resource Central helps you answer questions such as:
  • Which rooms and workspaces are over-utilized?
  • Are late cancelations preventing efficient meeting room usage?
  • Can we spare some of our meeting rooms and turn them into office space? 
  • What can be done to improve our meeting room usage?
Reduce your meeting budget

Resource Central reduces your meeting budget and boosts productivity by enabling you to book resources and services quickly. Use our ROI calculator for an estimate of how much you can reduce your meeting budget by implementing Resource Central.

Welcome guests

Resource Central helps you give a good impression to visitors arriving at your company office for the first time. Once visitors walk through the front door and into the building, they immediately form an opinion of your company. If the visitors are new or potential customers, giving them a warm welcome and speedy, correct information may make them long-term customers. Resource Central makes your visitors feel welcome and informed, while at the same time freeing up staff resources to focus on other important tasks.

Print visitor badges and perform barcode scans

Provide visitors with printed visitor badges. Visitor badges prevent those awkward moments when you realize that you have forgotten someone’s name, which can damage your relationships with potential clients or partners. Perform barcode scans to keep track of registered visitors with ease, so you can determine who has arrived and who hasn’t without the need to use pen and paper. This gives your staff more time to talk to visitors and make them feel welcome.

Email notifications minimize wait time

Email notifications minimize wait time both for you and your visitors. When visitors arrive, you’ll receive an email notification, so you can start walking to the reception area or meeting room immediately to greet them. Or if your visitors are late, you can work on other tasks instead of waiting for them to arrive. Email notifications also free up your receptionist to spend time on other tasks because she doesn’t have to call your office to notify you anytime a visitor arrives.

  • Print visitor badges
  • Perform barcode scans for speedy registration
  • Receive email notifications when visitors arrive   
Combine with a digital signage solution

A digital signage solution further improves your visitors’ first impression of your company. With our wayfinding option, digital signs can even point visitors towards the appropriate meeting rooms.

Integrate with a digital signage solution
You can integrate Resource Central with our digital signage solutions, Digital Sign Service and Ariadne. Our digital signage solutions seamlessly connect with Resource Central, automatically displaying meeting room information on your digital signs.

During the room booking process, information is sent directly to digital signs or monitors in the reception area, outside of meeting rooms, or wherever appropriate.

Our digital signage software supports all hardware based on iOS, Android, and Win7, as well as signs from Modulex.  

Meeting Room and Resource Scheduling



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