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Digital Signage
Adaptable to your specific needs

Add-On Products’ digital signage solutions match the needs of every customer, from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises in an array of industries. Add-On Products offers two digital signage solutions: Digital Sign Service and Ariadne. Digital Sign Service informs visitors and coworkers of present and future events in meeting rooms. You can book, change, and end meetings directly on the touch screens of your digital signs. Ariadne is a more advanced solution that displays everything from meeting information to flash presentations, messaging, and video, with the aim of guiding and welcoming visitors while enhancing corporate branding.

Our software supports your preferred hardware. 

Digital Sign Service allows you to integrate your interactive signage solutions directly and seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook ® 

  • Create customized templates to brand your company or choose from one of our four existing options
  • Review, book, confirm, expand, end, and delete Outlook ® meetings directly on the touch screen

Ariadne is our full-scale digital signage solution displaying everything from meeting information to pictures, video, and RSS feeds. Ariadne is our flagship digital signage product that is equipped to meet your needs now and into the future. Keep your TCO down, enhance security, and streamline maintenance by allowing us to host the solution. Ariadne connects seamlessly with products like Exchange, Outlook ®, Lotus Notes, Micros Opera, and many others.

  • Welcome, inform, and guide your guests .
  • Brand your company and market products or events with customized graphics and RSS feeds.
  • Schedule various presentations to play automatically on all or select digital signs at different times of the day.
  • Adapt your messages to visitors to ensure a warm welcome (e.g., display their company logo). This is important for companies that focus on customer care as well as hotels that want to make their guests feel welcome.
  • Wayfinding improves employee efficiency because they spend less time giving directions and more time on their primary job responsibilities and duties.
  • Use digital signs to actively sell your products. For example, you could use them to upsell treatments at a spa or advertise dinner specials at a restaurant.

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