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Add-ons for Exchange and Outlook®

Our add-ons Exchange Central and WebTeam Central are designed to provide you with quick overviews, efficient planning tools, and automatically updated group calendars, even when you are out of the office visiting customers or attending meetings. You can also benefit from centrally created, company-wide email signatures with Mailbox Central.

Exchange Central

Our client-based group calendar provides a user-friendly overview of multiple Outlook® calendars as well as powerful EC4TimelineZoom smallcscheduling and reporting tools.

  • User-friendly overview of group members’ calendars
  • Ability to easily schedule meetings with multiple colleagues
  • Advanced tools for planning and booking appointments and running statistics on Outlook® calendars

WebTeam Central

WebTeam Central allows team members to view and plan company-wide appointments dependent on Outlook® WTC-Timeline smallc

  • Boasts the same efficient planning tools as Exchange Central
  • Offers the flexibility needed for your mobile workforce
  • Improves efficiency by enabling you to plan projects and plan meetings regardless of your whereabouts

Mailbox Central

Improve your brand image with company-wide standard email signatures. Mailbox Central is an easy-to-use professional OutlookEmail smallc tool for organizations wishing to harness their most important branding tool: email.

  • Control company-wide email signatures to enhance your professional image
  • Adapt your emails to your company’s branding
  • Create templates in a user-friendly interface