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Meeting Room and Resource Scheduling

  • Resource Central

    Complete meeting and conference-planning tool for Microsoft Outlook ® and Exchange. Schedule rooms, resources, hot desks, cars as well as order catering and customizable services like table arrangement, AV equipment etc. in just a few clicks. Service personnel get an overview of orders as well as the possibility to print several reports. Save time and resources when arranging meetings - all from within your familiar Outlook ® environment.

Dynamic Digital Signage

  • Digital Sign Service

    Meeting room signage software that displays current and future meetings as well as allowing for booking, extending, and ending meetings directly on the sign. Digital Sign Service optimizes the resource utilization and reduces empty meeting rooms. Digital Sign Service is a user-friendly software that synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange and works with your preferred digital signage hardware e.g. iPads, Windows or Android tablets.

Ariadne Information System

  • Ariadne

    Ariadne is a CMS system that ensures dynamic content and improved communication that entertain and reaches your visitors with up-to-date information. Ariadne has extensive multimedia features like image playlists, video, streaming, RSS feeds, meeting information, way-finding, directory guides and much more.

Add-On's for Exchange and Outlook ®

  • Exchange Central

    Efficient team calendar and planning tool for Microsoft Outlook ® calendars, that offers a user-friendly overview of multiple group of calendars as well as powerful scheduling, planning, reception and reporting tools.

  • WebTeam Central

    Efficient web based team calendar and planning tool for Microsoft Exchange, which offers a user-friendly web based overview of multiple groups of calendars. WebTeam Central has many of the time-saving and user-friendly calendar features as Exchange Central regardless of your location.

  • Mailbox Central

    Email signature software that from a central hold allows you to manage all corporate email signatures, and improve your company’s branding with standardized email signatures. Mailbox Central integrates with Active Directory and pulls contact information directly.

  • RealTime Service

    RealTime Service is our event-driven, back-end synchronization service for all our solutions, which synchronizes meeting information data from Microsoft Exchange via web services. RealTime Service is the engine for our group calendar solutions; Exchange Central and WebTeam Central as well as our meeting room and resource scheduling solution; Resource Central.

  • Maintenance Program

    Benefit from product updates and technical support. Receive the latest versions of Add-On Products’ solutions as well as prioritized support.

Meeting Room and Resource Scheduling



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