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Benefits of dynamic digital signs

In contrast to a static sign, a digital signage display lets you easily create and change content using for instance PowerPoint presentations, videos, and images. You can e.g. target content to your visitors, market your products and events, and improve communication with real-time meeting information. By often updating your content, you keep visitors interested and achieve a healthy Return on Investment (ROI).

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New business case: Successful implementation of Resource Central

We’ve just published a new case study on a successful implementation of Resource Central. Resource Central was implemented to more than 100,000 end users located in approximately 30 countries. The meeting room and resource scheduling solution was quickly adopted by the end users and only few incidents were reported.

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Request features for add-on software

At Add-On Products, we value customer input to ensure our software development meets companies' needs.

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Do you use digital signs for marketing?

Many companies use digital signage for displaying up-coming meetings and guiding their employees and visitors to the correct meeting rooms. An addition to this is using digital signs for marketing purposes by advertising your company, products, and events.

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Future Proof Room Booking System

When deciding on a room booking system, you could consider the importance of a system that’s easily expanded to new locations. For instance, you might over time add new locations to your company.

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