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Request features for add-on software

At Add-On Products, we value customer input to ensure our software development meets companies' needs.

Read our new blog article on how you can make suggestions for our product development.

Future Proof Room Booking System

When deciding on a room booking system, you could consider the importance of a system that’s easily expanded to new locations. For instance, you might over time add new locations to your company.

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Considered using iPads as meeting room signs?

iPads are a cost-effective solution for meeting room signs with a professional look and interactive touch screen options. If you combine it with digital signage software that integrates to meeting room booking software, you’ll have a complete solution always displaying up-to-date meeting information.

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UK event: Resource management

Learn how to streamline the process of booking meetings, resources and services by building on your existing email and calendaring systems. Our UK partner Essential will be presenting Resource Central and Digital Sign Service at this half-day workshop at Microsoft, London the 18th of September.

At the event, you’ll learn the answers to:

  • What’s possible with “native” Exchange resource management capabilities?
  • How can you build on Exchange to enhance your resource utilization and reduce costs?
  • What should you consider when selecting room screen hardware? 

…and much more.

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Infographic: Software Implementation

Software implementations are complex processes requiring elaborate planning and evaluation to ensure a successful deployment of the new software.

To get inspiration for your next software implementation, view our new infographic. It displays how Resource Central was successfully implemented at a large global organization.