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Add-On Products web page under maintenance

Friday the 19th of December, our web page will be under maintenance making it inaccessible during a short time frame.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Schedule online meetings with Resource Central

By combining online meeting tools such as Lync with Resource Central, you can achieve benefits such as:

  • Less time and resources spend on meeting planning by managing it all within one system
  • Reduced travel expenses with more online meetings

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Add-On Products at Campus Days

We are currently at Campus Days arranged by Microsoft Denmark. It’s been three inspirational days packed with interesting sessions useful for our efforts to provide customer service of high standards.

add-on-products-at-microsoft-campus-days     session-campus-days

Migrate to Office 365 and streamline your meeting planning

If you are migrating to Office 365, why not kill two birds with one stone and streamline your meeting room and resource scheduling in the process?

Resource Central supports Office 365 enabling you to expand Microsoft Outlook® features to achieve benefits such as optimized meeting planning, office space usage and customer service.

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Get attention by changing your digital signage layout

A well-designed digital signage layout brands your company and captivates your target audience. One way to ensure this is to occasionally change the background image on your digital signs to ensure the content is fresh and thereby continue to grab passerby’s attention. You can for instance change it simultaneously with who’s in your building. You can also promote specific events such as Christmas or other holidays, company occasions and much more.

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